About Us

Hog Roast MarlowThe Hog Roast Marlow team have spent many years developing our craft and we are now the leading local experts in hog roast catering. The ancient art of spit roasting meat is a very longstanding traditional and an integral part of our culinary heritage. We believe that there is no finer way of cooking meat and after tasting our pork, we’re sure that you will be a convert to this cooking style too!

Whilst we utilise the same method as our ancestors, we have refined the technique of hog roasting by utilising the most advanced catering equipment in our field, and we have an impressive fleet of machines which are intelligently designed and expertly engineered to be suitable for use in any setting.

We don’t just rely on technology to produce such impressive results though – our hog roast chefs have the instinct and experience to know exactly how to prepare our meat until it achieves a level of melt-in-the-mouth succulence that is impossible to beat.

Event catering in Marlow

This majestic market town on the River Thames provides the perfect backdrop for any event or special celebration as well as being home to many popular events taking place on the river throughout the year. Here at Hog Roast Marlow we have had the honour of catering for such a varied array of events in Marlow during our long catering careers and for us, we still feel as excited today about catering in Marlow as we did when we first started out.

Hog Roast MarlowA massive advantage of our catering ethos is that we are comfortable cooking in any type of environment and given the number of lovely locations that Marlow has to offer, it makes our job very varied and rewarding.

We can also adapt our style of service to suit your preferences, and we are happy to be the star of the show with our team and sleek hog roasting equipment being the centre of attention, but we are equally happy to be catering in the wings if you want the emphasis to be on other aspects of your event. Whatever you prefer, you will be guaranteed to highest quality of food and service from us from start to finish.

Freshly made food and superior ingredients

Whether you are hosting your event in a popular location or you would prefer to be more off the beaten track or in a more unconventional setting, if you hire the Hog Roast Marlow team to cater for your event, you won’t have to worry about your choice for venue affecting the quality of the food. We always make all of our food from scratch on-site, regardless of how extensive your menu is, how many guests you have or where we are catering.

Whilst our approach may change to meet your needs, our dedication to providing food that is freshly made at your venue on the day will never change. We place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of our pork, but we are just as careful when selecting all of our other ingredients too.

What else do we offer?

Because we are so passionate about our hog roasts, we love it when our Hog Roast Marlowclients take in interest in our cooking technique and want to learn more about why hog roast catering is such a satisfying thing to do. If you want to venture into the exciting world of hog roast catering yourself, or you are at least considering it, you can take advantage of our wealth of advice and experience, as well as our enthusiasm for what we do, which we have been told is very infectious!

If you would like to try it out for yourself, we can give you the option of hiring one of our machines. We will match you with the machine that best suits your needs, ability and the type of event you are catering for and give you in-depth guidance on how to get the most out of doing your hog roast catering and give you the confidence to succeed!

If you would like to learn more about hiring a machine from us or you want advice about anything related to hog roast catering, we are always on hand to answer your queries!